London airports, trains disrupted by extreme weather

Jul 28, 2018

Tourists and Britons hoping to go on vacation are enduring another day of travel trouble in Britain after severe weather led to flight cancellations and delays on cross-Channel trains

Britain wilts as 'Furnace Friday' hurts travelers, commuters

Jul 27, 2018

Britain wilts as 'Furnace Friday' hurts travelers, commuters; heat could bring out more rats

Titanic director Cameron backs bid for 5,500 items from ship

Jul 24, 2018

Filmmaker James Cameron and Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard are backing a bid by a group of British museums to acquire a collection of 5,500 artifacts from the Titanic

Britain on heatwave alert as rare hot spell continues

Jul 23, 2018

Britain is experiencing a severe heatwave which has prompted its national weather service to issue an alert for people to 'stay out of the sun'

Dublin faces water restrictions as lush Ireland swelters

Jul 3, 2018

Irish authorities have imposed a ban on watering lawns and gardens in the Dublin area as a country famous for its rain-soaked green landscape experiences a rare drought

UK forecaster issues 1st ever thunderstorm alert

Jul 1, 2018

Britain's Met Office weather forecasting office has issued its first thunderstorm alert in the agency's 164-year history

Raging wildfire threatens moorlands in northern England

Jul 1, 2018

Some 120 firefighters are trying to contain a fire that has been declared a "major incident" as it spreads in moorlands in northern England

From Barcelona to Seattle, historic markets ally to survive

Jun 28, 2018

Seven historic food and drink markets are creating an alliance to promote the sale of local produce

UK lawmakers approve big expansion for Heathrow Airport

Jun 25, 2018

British lawmakers have approved measures to expand Europe's biggest airport in what the government calls the most important transportation decision in a generation

Fire-hit Glasgow art school landmark may be partially saved

Jun 19, 2018

The head of Glasgow City Council says the remains of the city's fire-ravaged art school appear to be structurally solid and it's hoped the facade of the world-renowned building can be saved

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