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UK lawmakers summon ex-Cambridge Analytica chief to testify

May 10, 2018

British lawmakers investigating the use of Facebook users' information in political campaigns have issued a summons for the former head of data firm Cambridge Analytica after he declined to answer their questions

Google suspends all ads related to Irish abortion referendum

May 9, 2018

Google says it is suspending all advertising connected to Ireland's abortion referendum as part of moves to protect "election integrity."

Amnesty says London gangs database is discriminatory

May 9, 2018

Britain's information watchdog is investigating a police database of potential gang members that Amnesty International alleges breaches human rights law

Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland abortion referendum

May 8, 2018

Facebook says it is banning foreign advertisements related to Ireland's abortion referendum, amid concerns that North American groups are trying to influence the campaign

Doctors reject Trump's 'war zone' comments on London crime

May 5, 2018

Some British doctors and legislators have reacted angrily to President Donald Trump's comments comparing a London hospital to a war zone because of knife crime

UK info chief orders SCL to give professor his personal data

May 5, 2018

Britain's Information Commissioner's Office is backing an American academic's effort to obtain his personal data from SCL Group, which includes Cambridge Analytica

UK probe goes on despite Cambridge Analytica bankruptcy

May 3, 2018

British authorities say the investigation into political consultancy Cambridge Analytica will continue even though the company is going out of business

Man accused of posting Prince George info denies terrorism

Apr 30, 2018

An alleged supporter of the Islamic State group charged with sharing information about Prince George on social media has denied committing terrorism offenses

Boy whose parents fought to keep life support mourned in UK

Apr 29, 2018

The parents of a terminally ill British toddler whose case drew attention from Pope Francis and others around the world say they are "heartbroken" that their son has died.

UK lawmakers call on Zuckerberg to appear before them

Apr 26, 2018

The UK parliament's media committee has criticized Facebook's response to allegations that data from millions of accounts was misused.

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